What Types of Boats Are Available for Rent on Big Bear Lake?

Big Bear Lake is a year round California playground for family fun and outdoor adventures. This well-known California resort is famous for the variety of water sports that are offered. Fishermen and families can enjoy the many Big Bear boat rentals that include such models as pontoons, fishing boats, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards.

For true family fun at the lake you should consider using one of the affordable watercraft units that are available for rent on the lake. You can choose the one boat or paddle board that will be best suited for your vacation or holiday plans. All you need to do is decide which you would like to use.

Are you the free-spirited nature lover who wants to practice and refine those kayaking skills? Do you long to experience a relaxing family get-together while aboard a large, fully equipped pontoon? Would you prefer to take part in a chartered fishing trip where you have the chance to ‘land that big fish’?

When boat rentals are available it means that you can enjoy a truly care-free vacation experience. You do not have to worry about hauling your own boat to the lake because there are such a wide variety of models available. You can rent a jon boat for casual fishing one day, take your family out on paddle boards the next day and at the end of your stay you may decide to rent a large pontoon and set off to explore the sights and sounds that Big Bear Lake has to offer.

Big Bear Lake has become famous for being the largest recreational lake in the Southern California area. People come to this resort from around the world for a exhilarating boating experience. During the summer months when the average water temperature is above 80 degrees this resort changes its focus to one of the world’s largest motorcycle races. The annual event, called the ‘ Trans Californic 50’ motorcycle race, is a truly amazing event that will challenge your existing skills and is sure to give you that competitive edge.

With miles of shoreline and coves to explore and a plethora of different ways to relax on shoreline areas Big Bear can meet the recreational needs of single and family vacationers alike. One day of boating is followed by a day of hiking and exploring, which means that Big Bear is the perfect place to explore inland, away from the stress of the inner city.

Big Bear is located within the Santa Monica Mountains which also border Mexico. These are the same mountains that surround the city of Boston, located right below it and both cities share an equally southern chunk of the world famous temperate rainforest. The Santa Monica Mountains are a coral pink color and are not the colors you would see in Venice Beach. These mountains are not flat as they follow ridges and are usually 4 to 20 feet deep. But Big Bear beach is La Selica, a white sandy beach barely changing colors and is one of the most popular beaches on the west coast of California.

Other Activities

While boating and beach hopping, Big Bear is not your only option. Mountain biking is also a popular activity as is something called drive-and-drive golf. These golf courses are not only driveaways, they are drive by rentals. If you are looking to relax the drive-and-drive golf will work your hands over. The area is home to Cocol Puerto and the Monterey Peninsula separate from Big Bear by a portsi Spitalo.


Big Bear is a hiker’s paradise, a hiker’s heaven. If you are looking for a smaller crowd of hikers you can venture to the Coleman Peninsula where the ruggedoga hiking trails unfold. If you are hankering for a mountain climb, the Coleman Range and Lamoille Valley Trails are waiting for you.

Big Bear is a city with a lot of dreams. People who live here yearn to be active, live happy, carefree lives. Considering the city’s environmental impact due to industrial expansion, its well-being can only improve by lane filtering through its beauty.