Why Visit the Yukon?

The winter of 2021/8 was a very cold and windy season for travel to the Yukon. The weather in the Yukon is often referred to as “blue hell” for its freezing cold temperatures, but summer can be a beautiful time in the territory due to the mountains. Although travel by road can be difficult in the winter months, there are ways that you can get around the area while experiencing the sights and sounds of the region. There are three main travel agencies in the Yukon; Greywolf Tour and Canadian North West Tour and Adventures.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Alaska was a sparsely inhabited area, so many Trans-Alaska Railroad trains were created to bring people and materials to the areas of the biggest population. This is still a major route for travel throughout the Alaskan landscape today and the state has over thirty thousand plus people in its tourism industry. The rail line has brought much needed jobs and businesses to remote Alaskan villages and towns. This high speed and low cost method of travel are still being used today, and you will find that a train ride is a great way to see the region.

Another great reason to travel the Yukon is the wonders of nature that you can view from the highways. Highway 90 through Fairbanks is the most popular route for tourists to travel, but there are a number of other routes to consider as well. Highway 16 and I-90 meet in Anchorage where travelers can see the spectacular Yukon Mountains. You can stay at any of the many wonderful resorts in the area or simply take a short drive up to the national park at Mount McKinley. The views from there are spectacular and the wildlife and plants that you will find there are absolutely unique.

The third option for traveling to Alaska is on the world highway system, and you will find that this route is the most traveled route in all of North America. It starts in New Mexico and goes through all of the main states of Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arizona. The world highway system also goes through British Columbia and the Northwest territories.

Traveling the Alaska Highway System starts with the Whitehorse Station on the western edge of Alaska. Here you will experience the thrill of a Class C fishing boat and the sights and sounds of the Arctic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. After a quick stop at the Yukon Railroad Museum, you will have the opportunity to tour Denali National Park and Green River National Park, two of Alaska’s most visited national parks. Then make your way to Seward, home of the last United States occupation base before the government closed it.

The next stop on the Alaska Highway System is Kluane National Park. This famous national park features an impressive range of scenery, including mountain peaks, dramatic canyons, and beautiful forests. The weather is often quite cold, so it is important to pack a pair of warm clothing for when it snows or during unexpected rain storms. After visiting the wildlife refuges at the Kluane National Park, drive another two hours to Dawson City and the Dawson City Tombstone National Park. This popular park features a hiking trail, picnic area, and an observation tower. The tombstone territorial park was created as a memorial to those who died in World War 2.

After touring the beautiful towns of Dawson City, AK, and Kluane National Park, you must make your way to the capital of Alaska: Anchorage. The largest city in Alaska, Anchorage is home to over one million people. The Alaskan economy depends upon its shipping, farming, and fishing industries. This area offers the best shopping, entertainment, and culture in the state. The world highway system passes through downtown Anchorage, and you will be able to take a train back to Seward, or other cities along the world highway system.

While on your vacation in Alaska, why not make it a family trip by taking a “drive through” in a whitehorse cart? Whitehorse tours are available along the famous Alaskan highway, or you can find companies that arrange transportation for you and your family from your hotel to the Yukon border. A Yukon tour like this allows you to experience the wildlife and landscape that you are so used to seeing. On a typical Yukon tour, you will travel in a Whitehorse, through remote territory, and visit sites that most visitors never even see. It’s a truly unique traveling experience! If you are looking for a true travel experience, a drive through in a whitehorse is an excellent way to experience Alaskan travel.